"According to Amnesty International, more than 50 children under the age of 12 have been killed by Israeli Army fire, during the first seven months of 2002 alone. You have not sentenced even one of the perpetrators of these crimes. But you're sentencing me for the fifth time, just because I refuse take part in such activities." Source. Ben Artzi is Netanyahu's nephew.

3-20 - Tank commander on homicide charge But even though there was no suggestion that the shoppers, who had flocked to the market after three days under curfew, were any threat, the tank crews fired about 10 explosive rounds and several long volleys of machine gun fire into the crowd.

3-25 - IDF unveils new miniature surveillance planes

3-15 - From Israeli Refusenik to Organizer Israeli students are taught to believe that the Israeli Army is the most moral army in the world. But one cannot ignore the reality in which Palestinian children are dying daily; 70% of Palestinian requests for ambulances cannot be granted due to restrictions on movement; sick people and pregnant women cannot pass through checkpoints; and Israeli bulldozers tear down one house after another.

3-8 - Refusenik group to appear before EU Parliament

3-3 - The Most Moral Army in the World? Israeli Organized Crime

3-2 - Immoral ethical codes IDF soldiers know very well that 90 percent of the army's activities in the territories are not related, even indirectly, to preventing terror. They also know that while they protect and guard a lunatic outpost in the heart of Samaria, they are in effect doing nothing for the security of the people of Netanya, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

3-1 - Israeli army conviction praised

2-23 - Israeli women keep eyes on army "You can definitely say that as an Israeli I have pangs of guilt about what is being done in my name," says television producer Daphna Weiss. ..Dagan recalls as the most harrowing moment of her work witnessing soldiers at Qalandiya Checkpoint near Jerusalem opening fire at Palestinian children who were throwing stones at the fence of an airport that has been closed during the intifada. These women are very courageous. God bless them.

2-17 - End Near in Conscientious Objector Case

2-15 - Gaza - the IDF's shooting range Gideon Levy The fact that not one terrorist attack against Israel has originated from the Gaza Strip, because of the fence there, only heightens these questions. One begins to suspect that the IDF is behaving like this in Gaza simply because it can do whatever it fancies there.

2-14 - Elite Israeli troops reject Gaza violence

2-10 - The film that cost a life "They approached the armoured vehicle to explain that they wanted to leave. James expected the Israeli soldiers to behave like soldiers should. But that soldier didn't. "

2-8 - Israeli Soldiers Still Refuse to Fight I hold them in the highest possible regard.

2-2 - 5 Israeli Soldiers Admit Taking Bribes

2-1 - Israel's 'execution' troops face death quiz Conal Urquhart reports from Nablus on what the army says was an anti-terrorist operation, but witnesses describe as cold-blooded killing

1-27 - IDF wants to shoot stone throwers : JPOST STORY LINK
They've been shooting live rounds at stonethrowers all along. Sometimes they shoot the rockthrowers while sitting in a tank. Reuters video of this here
Browse around my site for proof, or at this state department's dossier - here and at Amnesty Int'l's site here.

1-23 - No Exit From an interview with Israeli soldiers (who are identified by pseudonyms) conducted by Israeli journalist Uri Blau and printed in Kol Ha'Ir, a Jerusalem weekly, in September 2001. Translated from the Hebrew by Tal Haran. Originally from April, 2002. Wow.

1-23 - An Israeli Pilot Speaks Out Each Day the Government Becomes More Dictatorial

1-23 - Israeli commander urges West Bank roadblock rethink Israeli public television broadcast for the first time this week footage showing the humiliating treatment Palestinians are subjected to at army roadblocks.

1-8 - Israelis Jailed for Refusing Army Service

1-7 - The IDF prefers the settlers

1-6 - Israeli colonel resigns over army's 'immoral' actions

1-6 - Retired officer returns badge of rank to protest IDF policies

1-5 - Israel Army Jails Five Conscientious Objectors

7-23 - `IDF soldiers will not face charges by the International Criminal Court' What kind of message does that send? This after Belgium ruled out action against Sharon.

7-22 - Israeli troops violate Palestinian rights - report

7-22 - Israeli army accused of cruelty

7-17 - REUTERS VIDEO : Israeli Military Service Objectors On The Rise

7-15 - An Ode to Humanism in the Testimony of Young Israelis Refusing to Join an Army of Occupation A good read. History will look favorably upon them. Some might not realize it now, but I can guarantee you that.

6-28 - Former Israeli soldiers return to occupied territories to give aid

6-26 - IDF Lieutenant Colonel convicted of abusing Palestinian youth

From April 2002 - Another IDF refusenik letter - addressed to Americans and a must read. There's an inkling in that soldier's letter that perhaps the Israeli press, much like the American press, is not showing the other side of the story - not even the refuseniks' stories. I think this is part of the problem. More people need to speak up and out - en masse, and that includes Americans - Jewish and otherwise. It's the only way to ensure that justice prevails, and the only way to gain a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

'If an infant dies ... so be it' - an Israeli soldier.

From Dec: A female patient named Jade huddles in a chair, hidden under a hat and a hooded, pumpkin-colored sweatshirt. "You meet [Palestinian] people just like us," she says. "It can be traumatic." That's because Palestinians are just like "us". They're human.

A mission too far

Israeli Activists Urge Army to Probe Civilian Slayings

Troops accused of trying to storm Nativity church

Israeli officer obstructs attack on Palestinians

Israeli Soldier condems Sharon, refuses to help Occupation

IDF indicts 6 soldiers for suspected looting from Palestinians

Refusenik and Zionist, he raises a different voice from Israel

Refusenik gets 7th straight jail term

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