Collective Punishment

see also demolitions

Article 33
No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.
Pillage is prohibited.
Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.

Fourth Geneva Convention
Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

3-28 - British MP wants economic sanctions against Israel "It is not enough for the world community, including our own Government, to condemn the Israeli Government's brutal policies of repression," he said, addressing members of his Manchester constituency. "Only widespread economic sanctions on Israel, together with cutting off arms supplies, can make any impact on this Government without a conscience".

3-27 - UN Humanitarian Agencies Urge Israel To Lift Movement Restrictions Into Gaza

3-26 - U.N. Agencies May Have to Cut Gaza Aid Several United Nations agencies may be forced to cut back or end humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip because of Israeli restrictions on their movement into and out of the territory, a U.N. statement said Friday.

3-26 - UN humanitarian agencies urge Israel to lift movement restrictions into Gaza

3-19 - Israeli Occupation Devastates Medical Units in Palestine

3-17 - Movement controls stunt Palestinian lives - and democracy

3-11 - UN: Palestinians increasingly unable to get enough food

3-9 - Emergency Statement Occupied Palestinian Territories SAVE THE CHILDREN UK EMERGENCY STATEMENT

3-8 - Israel Plans Better West Bank Roadblocks

3-8 - Women's Day: UN agencies concerned with living conditions of Palestinian women

3-6 - Security checks and long lines turn commute into a nightmare for Gazan workers

2-20 - UN warns of Palestinian 'despair' Malnutrition is, the agency says, a certainty.

2-17 - To Reach Past Curfews, Palestinians Go Online

2-4 - Palestinian malnutrition at African levels under Israeli curbs, say MPs The all-party Commons International Development Committee called for European Union trade sanctions to be imposed on Israel until it allowed the free export of goods from the West Bank and Gaza.

2-4 - After a Slow Start, Israel’s U.N. “Charm Offensive” Sputters to a Halt .,“Collective punishment is forbidden by international law.A Palestinian child who suffers grave malnourishment or brain damage has nothing to do with suicide bombers.” He continued, “The collective punishment that is happening at this very moment in the occupied Palestinian territories has to be denounced by the international community.Israeli settlements and the security zones protecting them are a clear breach of international law, as is the construction of the wall.”

1-27 - 'Immoral' Israeli Travel Curbs Attacked

1-27 - MP attacks Israel's travel bans

1-24 - Hebron: The cauliflower was too small Our hosts offered us the raw cauliflower and explained that Israeli soldiers told them that if they wanted any of the produce in their fields, they would have to get it immediately because they will no longer be allowed to go on to their land.

1-20 - Lost hope in Mid-East conflict

1-13 - At a checkpoint in Gaza, courage and fear

1-13 - Israel's New Restrictions Further Isolate Palestinian People

1-13 - Deadly thirst

8-5 - IDF keeping Hebron shops closed

8-3 - Palestinians Get Thirstier Under Israeli Clampdown

7-27 - Hope Idles at West Bank Roadblock

7-26 - The real fist in the face of the Palestinians "You can get from Burkin to Jenin, and you can even transport terrorists and bombs, but to do it you have to use back roads that are more like trails. The purpose here is different. It's to make the lives of the local residents as miserable as possible and to remind them, day in and day out, who is sovereign here and thus also to make the settlers happy. This is the sole reason for much of the army activity in the territories, though it's carried out under the lying guise of maintaining security"

7-21 - Donkey power is king on restricted West Bank "The Israelis have sent us back 100 years,"

7-17 - Palestinians should be able to enjoy their children's graduation without Israeli interference The trouble is, Israeli security officials don't seem to know or care about this: they make it very difficult for Arab families who want to attend their children's graduation ceremonies.


One officer, Amasri Abiad(ph), recalls being stopped one morning on his way to a meeting about the security hand-over in Bethlehem. He says he told the soldier how long the meeting was scheduled to run, and was only allowed to pass after it was over.

7-16 - Breaking Open Six Months' Closure

7-14 - Palestinians at checkpoints yearn for freedom of movement '"I have seeen three people die on this short strip of road because they were prevented from reaching hospital," he added, as a chair-bound elderly woman was wheeled past the security check by medical staff. ' - Doesn't that Israeli "goodwill" just warm your heart? < / sarcasm >

7-13 - Sharon accused of jeopardising peace "They say that during their four days in the area they have found the living conditions of Palestinians under military occupation remain as oppressive as ever and that Israeli settlement activity on Palestinian land is continuing relentlessly." "Palestinians are still being humiliated; still forced to queue for hours in the sun in order to walk through checkpoints,” Mr McDonald added. “At the same checkpoints, Israelis from illegal settlements are waved through in their air-conditioned cars." Dror Etkes, who monitors settlement construction for the Israeli peace group Peace Now, said there are now more illegal outposts than before the road map was unveiled.

7-11 - Bleak Palestinian refugee camp inspires a beautiful spectacle Teen touring troupe Ibdaa dances with sorrow, fear and a longing for freedom "You have been deprived of many things which represent the basic needs of the human person: proper housing, health care, education and work," the pope said then. "Above all, you bear the sad memory of what you were forced to leave behind, not just material possession but your freedom, the closeness of relatives and the familiar surroundings and cultural traditions."

7-8 - Collective Punishment & the Violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention The international community does nothing.

6-25 - Anxiety grips Gaza town Why should 30,000 people pay for the actions of a few? The people of Beit Hanoun just want to live,"

6-24 - Palestinians: Checkpoints Dim Peace Hopes

6-19 - An Open Letter to President George W. Bush Since 1994, the Israeli government has imposed a variety of restrictions on students attending classes at Hebron University. The Israeli army have repeatedly sealed the main gates of the university and invaded the campus, using tear gas and live ammunition against unarmed students.

6-16 - Palestinian family under strict curfew misses its relatives

6-15 - Latest victim of Israeli soldiers preventing access to medical treatment

3-10 - After Israeli withdrawal, Gaza farmers angry at destruction

'Suspected' Militants hiding in vegetable bins?

A Palestinian youth sits atop the rubble of the vegetable market destroyed by Israeli forces as an Israeli army tank, its barrel gun seen in the foreground, holds a position in the southern West Bank town of Hebron Thursday Jan. 30, 2003. Israeli army bulldozers demolished the vegetable market in the center of Hebron, and troops closed Palestinian police and TV stations in the West Bank city as part of a crackdown on suspected militants. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

From Jan. 30 - Art Gish, the story behind the famous photo - "Terrorists Among the Apples " - * Photo of Art Gish

2-16 Today's collective punishment for yesterday's tank bombing

Palestinians have to get permission to plow their own land

Three bulldozers escorted by four tanks demolished more than 100 stalls at a vegetable market in the center of Hebron. The army spokesman declined comment on the demolition of the market stalls...Israeli army bulldozers demolished three homes in the town of Rafah on Thursday, as well as two wells that provide water for thousands of residents

When I tried to go to the airport ...

'Kill me, shut everything, but I want water for my children'

Israel Closes Two West Bank Universities

Palestinians Under 35 Banned From Israel