Media Bias/Censorship and other forms of censorship

3-26 - New documentary takes Israeli-Palestinian conflict coverage to task

3-24 - Burning Books Before They Are Written


3-22 - Israeli reporters with dual citizenship banned from Gaza

3-22 - LABOR REJECTS CLAIM SBS ‘ANTI-SEMITIC’ Not all criticism of Israel is necessarily anti-Semitic.

3-16 - Groups Back Bill To Monitor Universities

3-15 - Film Route 181 censored by French Culture Ministry

3-14 - IU instructor at center of furor over course She admitted she isn't an expert on the Middle East but said she tried hard to draw on reliable and balanced sources. "I'm being portrayed as having a political agenda," she said. "It's not true. I was trying to do the best job I could with a really challenging subject." She must not have been as "balanced" as the pro-Israel supporters wanted.

3-11 - More than just stories: The portrayal of Palestinians in American children's literature

3-11 - Palestinians in the Australian Media

3-10 - Education Min. bars Geneva authors from meeting students

3-7 - Ernst Zundel, civil-rights champion?

3-5 - Moving to Canada, far from the Israeli police So that's why the site was shut down. The Israeli Gestapo.

3-2 - Journalists Seeking to Cover Israeli Actions In Occupied Territories Often Thwarted

3-2 - A Cautionary Tale: Protesters Rally for Human Rights in York, Pennsylvania

3-1 - `Heckler veto' muzzling campuses Pro-Palestinian groups are facing increased censorship on college campuses in Canada, much like they face on college campuses here.


2-20 - Anti-Semitism at the World Social Forum? "After I return home, the Wiesenthal Center publishes an alarming piece entitled "Networking to Destroy Israel" in the Jerusalem Post. The article claims that this year's WSF was "hijacked by anti-American and anti-Israeli forces" and leads me to wonder whether we attended the same conference.

But the SWC is like many other mainstream Jewish organizations in the United States that have expanded their mission from fighting the oppression of Jews by others to attempting to silence critics -- including other Jews -- of Israel's human rights record."

2-20 - Palestine Unabridged: Claiming the Right to Freedom of Speech :: Part One :: Palestine Unabridged, conceived, produced, and administered by a group of savvy, courageous, talented, and accomplished women, opened to a standing room only audience in the Ames Public Library’s Farwell T. Brown auditorium on September 11, 2003 despite the barrage of complaints, including letters, e-mail, and phone calls from ardent Zionists including some of the library’s previously generous Jewish supporters who threatened to “never again” contribute financially to the library.
This is exactly what happened with the Wisconsin library that was to be named after the USS Liberty - story here.

2-18 - Foothill Sentinel Threatened with Censorship

2-17 - Censorship threatens anti-terrorism initiative You are not allowed to hear anything but "balanced" reports (ie, pro-Israeli propaganda), kids!


2-8 - MIDDLETOWN -- Participants in a conference for Middle East activists at Wesleyan University called critics’ charges of anti-Semitism and hate-mongering dead wrong and overblown.

2-8 - Israel lobby attempts to prevent factual reporting

2-6 - Amer Jubran Challenges the Anti-War Movement in the U.S.: "Is the US Anti-War Pro-Resistance?" The government did end up deporting this Palestinian activist. It was a classic witchhunt, propeled forward by the pro-Israelis, no doubt.

2-5 - Support Academic Freedom in International Studies

2-5 - Middle East news reports are not welcomed by all

1-21 - Israel Versus Free Speech

1-20 - New Zealand Herald covers up reasons for sacking anti-Zionist cartoonist

1-16 - Media Lens Alert: Why the BBC Ducks the Palestinian Story

1-14 - Middle East Studies Under Scrutiny in U.S. - the truth must not get out.

1-8 - The truth is out there, somewhere

1-8 - Jewish leaders' criticism angers EU - how to silence all criticism of Israel: the "a" word (anti-Semite!).

12-26 - 117 Palestinians killed, hundreds injured during media's "relative calm"

7-31 - Christian Aid forced to withdraw exhibition from agricultural show

7-14 - Journalists' group protests over Sharon's "boycott" of BBC

7-11 - Sharon shuns BBC over documentary "Danny Seaman, the director of the Israeli government's press office, who has made similar accusations of anti-Israeli coverage against the Guardian, accused the BBC of putting Israel in the same camp as Saddam Hussein's Iraq" - The Guardian doesn't give the usual whitewash pro-Israel bias that our press does. Neither does the Independent UK.

7-11 - Israel asks ABC to can a program

7-11 - U.S. dithers over Israeli proposal for treaty against suicide bombing Trying to restrict our Freedom of Speech here, I see. What a shocker!

7-3 - Jewish bid to stop film

7-3 - Government retaliates against BBC, accuses it of demonizing Israel

7-1 - Israel cuts links with BBC - " "The programme tried to show that we don't abide by international law." - Well but Israel doesn't abide by int'l law.

6-28 - Israel boycotts BBC over 'demonization'

6-23 - The campaign to criminalize criticism of Israel

6-20 - 55 countries address the spread of a 'new anti-Semitism' So, criticizing Israel is allegedly now "anti-Semitism", and these folks want to make that a hate crime, which in some countries, it basically is. Why not debate the actual reasons why people are becoming more vociferous in their criticism of Israel's "heavy handed" actions in the OT, instead of trying to silence the criticism and strip away the anonymity of the Internet (why? for a proper witchhunt?)? Or is debate what they are trying to avoid..

5-9 - Supporters of Israel plan to protest NPR over news coverage

5-6 - The meaning of life - about double standards in the media.

Ha'aretz is unreliable

From April 2002: Israeli army confiscates journalists' cards

A strange kind of freedom - a must read. This article details the successful efforts of pro-Israel groups to influence our media and Congress. Like a highly organized mafia, these powerful Israel-supporters will crush anyone who gets in their way, like the Israeli soldier in the bulldozer did to Rachel Corrie.

Media Censors Pro-Palestinian Views

Pro-Palestinian bias among CNN ranks? - alleged off camera remarks by an American reporter weren't pro-Israel enough for one pro-Israel American.

Here is a list of email addresses at the bottom of this page that you can write to and suggest that they provide more accurate and evenhanded coverage when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Let Americans see both sides of the issue so that they may better decide if they wish to continue to support Israel with their tax dollars.

2-23 - Reuters cameraman arrested by Israeli army

Israel considers protest over BBC film about its nuclear program

CNN conspires with IDF to cover-up murder

Robert Fisk: Fear and learning in America

Why Americans are so blind

Video link (requires Windows Media Player): The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released footage of an Israeli TV news broadcast that shows a recent Israeli raid into a West Bank refugee camp. Who is terrorizing whom?

This story was removed from MSNBC, it is older but it is around the web in newsgroups and on a few sites. It deals with how the press are treated in Israel.

From 2001: Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

Palestinian Journalist in Hebron Repeatedly Harassed by IDF soldiers

Censorship Alerts to the Press in Israel


1-17-2003 - ITC approval of John Pilger's documentary is a shot across the bows of mainstream Middle East coverage.... The fact of Palestinian resistance against a foreign occupying power is rarely emphasised. TV news viewers would have been unaware that last month Israeli soldiers killed 75 Palestinians, 14 of them children under 18. Then, two suicide bombers attacked Tel Aviv - the first such attack for six weeks.

Carlton swamped with calls over Pilger film

Palestine Is Still The Issue - at

Why My Film Is Under Fire

PBS Controversy

Caught in the Crossfire home page

Page was removed

PBS Draws Ire Over 9/11 Show

PBS purges Web content on Israeli disapproval

The text that was removed from the PBS site at the bottom of this page

Read some of the feedback, look for mention of the ADL.

"ADL agent Roy Bullock was discovered to have a floor plan of murdered Los Angeles Arab American leader Alex Odeh and a key to his office."

3-2 - Evergreen Couple Portrayed As Anti-Semites Keeps $10 Million Judgment

2-5 - Mel Gibson cuts scene but Jewish groups are still angry

1-28 - Anti-Defamation League accuses the Bay View of ‘being anti-Semitic’ At the time, Israel was a close ally of the apartheid regime, selling it weapons, tear gas, water cannons and high tech electronic equipment, and jointly developing atomic weapons, in violation of the international sanctions then in effect.

6-13 - Mel Gibson Denies Jesus Film Is Anti-Semitic Who stole the script? The ADL, perhaps? Read up about the ADL's crimes here.

ADL now working with FBI - Doesn't seem like a smart move, given the ADL's track record with regard to violating the law.

Text of speech given by FBI director to ADL in 2002 Umm.. did they forget that the ADL was caught spying on US citizens? What about the defamation lawsuit that also included the fact that the ADL encouraged that couple to illegally wiretap their neighbors? What about the fact that Mr. Bullock of the ADL was found to have a key to the murdered ADC activist's office as well as floor plans, and who also had an appointment to meet with said activist on the day he was murdered?

ADL leader Foxman's letter to Clinton in favor of Marc Rich pardon - PDF format

ADL received monies from Marc Rich From the article "Upholding most of a $10 million defamation suit against the Anti-Defamation League, a federal judge ..." Don't let the irony of that sentence be lost on you. Also note that the ADL encouraged this couple to illegally wiretap their neighbors' phone conversations and this was AFTER the ADL had been caught spying in 1993.

ADL Spyring

Arab Americans Spied On by ADL Sue Three Police Departments

David Friedman, director of the ADL's Washington office, told the press last week that his organization "has played a vital role protecting the homeland by providing law enforcement officials with valuable information about suspected terrorists."

How the ADL Counts Anti-Semites

More articles on the ADL

"The number one goal of the ADL is the protection of Israel," a former Republican congressman from San Mateo Pete McCloskey told SF Weekly in a recent interview.