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Related articles about Russia and China, who have allied as a counter to the neoconservatives and their agenda in the Middle East, will be featured here as well, along with articles about the United Nations - a new battleground for neocon Bolton and others and their attempts to make it a more Israel-friendly place despite their being in violation of more UN resolutions than Saddam ever was.
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Israel, the spy who 'loves' us

Two former CIA officials - Philip Giraldi and Michael Scheuer - describe the efforts of Israel's lobby to get America to attack Iran.

6-19-08 We lost one of the good guys - Capt. Ward Boston. RIP.

It was June 8, 1967
Our men were viciously attacked 45 years ago
and the perpetrators got away with it.

They were napalmed during an attack by air and by sea that lasted for 75 minutes. Israel sought to sink their ship, and it was due to the sheer heroism and bravery of the men on board - some of whom didn't make it - that that ship stayed afloat. These men and their families have sought and have been denied justice for 45 years. Please support their efforts.

"Whose War?" By Patrick J. Buchanan - one of the most informative and well-written articles to date on the neoconservatives and their agenda. Also, there's Vice Squad - which details how Cheney's office teems with neocons. Though they avoided going into the 'political' reasons behind the neocon push for war on Iraq, PBS Frontline did a special entitled "The Dark Side" about Cheney and the neocons in his office and their role in the runup to the Iraq war which is available to watch for free online at this link. 07/26/06 - James Bamford writes an article for Rolling Stone about the attempts by the neocons and their AIPAC cohorts to get America to attack Iran. Click here to read it. See also, John Bolton - Israel's man at the UN.

The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran - post updated 08/23/08. If the link doesn't work, try this one.

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09-03-12 - Israel is still demanding US commitment to Iran war

08-23-12 - Israel's Claims About American Intelligence Reports on Iran's Alleged Nuclear Weapons Program Refuted

08-14-12 - Israeli demands from Obama

I'm too pissed off to comment. I'll just leave you with the byline to the article.

Analysis: If US wants to prevent Israeli jets from taking off en route to Iran, it must commit to attack on nuclear sites after elections in case sanctions, talks fail

08-10-12 - Israel urgently goading the US into war with Iran

06-04-12 - 45 years on, justice still not served.

It has now been ten years since I first learned of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - I saw a special about it on The History Channel in 2002. Since then, I haven't shut up about it.

Friday June 8 marks the 45th anniversary of the assault. Most Americans know nothing of this attack, nor is it widely commemorated like it is in the case of the USS Cole and other assaults on American servicemen.

In fact, recently John McCain calls a heckler a 'jerk' when he asks McCain about the USS Liberty. McCain (and his father) are noted Israel supporters. The 'Raw Story' news outfit subsequently branded Morris and all those that take the side of the USS Liberty survivors as 'conspiracy theorists'.

Watch this video:

02-26-12 - Israel wants the US to attack Iran This is nothing new, but it does appear to be increasingly likely.

7/20/2011 - Top CIA Officer: Israel Will Probably Attack Iran in Sept. Baer added that Netanyahu is "also hoping to draw the United States into the conflict, and in fact there's a warning order inside the Pentagon to prepare for conflict with Iran." The retired senior CIA officer predicted a scenario in which Israel would attack the Natanz nuclear facility as well as "a couple of others to degrade their capabilities." "The Iranians will strike back were they can and that will be in Basra and in Baghdad," where the US has a diminished troop presence, Baer said, adding "we've started to look at Iran's targets in Iraq and across the border."

7/20/2011 - Economic gaps widening in affluent Israel A month ago, Israel's central bank raised its official 2011 growth forecast to 5.2 percent, more than twice the International Monetary Fund's estimate released in June for real GDP growth for advanced economies. Unemployment in Israel has fallen to 5.8 percent, its lowest level in decades. The current government "has had significant economic achievements," Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz boasted in a television interview on Tuesday. Why are we going broke giving Israel billions of our taxpayer dollars and other perks?

7/20/2011 - Lawmaker: Iran shot down unmanned US spy plane Lawmaker Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari said the drone was flying over the Fordo uranium enrichment site near the holy city of Qom in central Iran, the state TV–run Youth Journalists Club said.

7/20/2011 - US spares Pakistan aid but keeps pressure

7/20/2011 - Hezbollah warns Israel over Med gas Last week, Lebanon's Foreign Minister Adnan Mansur said the maritime border as proposed by Israel posed a threat to regional security. The proposed frontier cuts through Lebanon's economic zone, he said, adding that Beirut would "turn to the United Nations."

7/20/2011 - The Corporate Supreme Court by Ralph Nader Never have I urged impeachment of Supreme Court justices. I do so now, for the sake of ending the Supreme Court's corporate-judicial dictatorship that is not accountable under our system of checks and balance in any other way.

7/20/2011 - U.S. may act unilaterally vs Iran-armed Iraq militias Panetta, who as CIA director helped oversee the covert raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said his number one priority since becoming defense secretary was to defeat al Qaeda. He has estimated there are around 1,000 al Qaeda fighters in Iraq. In language reminiscent of the Bush era, he appeared to link the Iraq war to the September 11, 2001 attacks in his comments to troops. Huh?

7/20/2011 - Confidential: New biography says Hollywood producer worked as Israeli spy, arms dealer "When the Israelis were first informed of the investigation by Assistant Secretary of State Richard W. Murphy earlier this year, they apparently were not aware of the export licensing requirements for Krytrons," Time wrote. "Prime Minister Shimon Peres last week told a U.S. television interviewer that Israel's close relationship with the U.S. obviates any need to smuggle out sensitive technology." Indeed, LAKAM itself was closed in 1986 following revelations that it had recruited an American naval researcher, Jonathan Pollard, to spy for Israel against the United States, causing the largest crisis in the history of U.S.–Israeli relations.

7/20/2011 - No Early End to Libyan War Expected Pluralities and majorities of respondents in numerous polls taken here since March have said that Washington should "not be involved" in military operations in Libya.

7/20/2011 - Dying At Home to Win In Afghanistan by Philip Giraldi The neoconservatives truly seem to inhabit a world that differs significantly from the place where the rest of us dwell.

7/20/2011 - Iran may deploy warships in Atlantic

7/20/2011 - S&P warns that chance of downgrading U.S. credit rating is 50 percent Standard & Poor’s said late Thursday that it could downgrade the U.S. credit rating as soon as this month, and there is a 50 percent chance it will do so within three months, if Washington fails to come to an agreement over the nation’s debt.

7/20/2011 - Amid Murdoch Scandal, Some Fear Pro-Israel Media Voice Will Be Muted Murdoch’s sudden massive reversal of fortune – with 10 top former staffers and executives under arrest in Britain for hacking into the phones of public figures and a murdered schoolgirl, and paying off the police and journalists – has supporters of Israel worried that a diminished Murdoch presence may mute the strongly pro-Israel voice of many of the publications he owns.

...“Murdoch said he didn’t see what the Palestinians’ problem was and James said it was that they were kicked out of their f—ing homes and had nowhere to f—ing live,” the account in The Guardian said. Murdoch chided his son for using foul language in the prime minister’s home. Rupert Murdoch is a Christian Zionist and is thus a staunch Israel-supporter. And his Fox News network reflects that. I am not heartbroken in the least at the news of this scandal. Ladies and gentlemen, Karma is served.

7/20/2011 - Iran, China ink $4 bn in infrastructure deals China and Iran have become major economic partners in recent years, partly thanks to the withdrawal of Western companies in line with sanctions against the Islamic republic over its contentious nuclear drive.

7/20/2011 - Iraq, Iran issue border demands after clashes

7/20/2011 - Ron Paul's new TV ad opposes raising debt limit President Barack Obama has said that if a deal to raise the debt ceiling is not passed by Aug. 2, the U.S. government could default on its loans, creating a financial crisis. Paul and some conservative Republican members of Congress reject that conclusion and have insisted on spending cuts.

7/20/2011 - The Fast Fix PAC-ed to the gills What makes these PACS "super" is that they can raise unlimited amounts of money from almost any source. They came into existence after a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that did away with the ban on corporations and labor unions from spending unlimited sums directly advocating for the election or defeat of candidates.

7/20/2011 - Turkey jails 14 over alleged anti-U.S. attack plan A Turkish court has jailed 14 people pending trial on charges of al Qaeda membership for allegedly planning an attack on the U.S. embassy in Ankara, state media said on Saturday.

7/20/2011 - Silver and Koch Spar Over Weiner Seat Koch recently called on Jews to defect to the GOP to send a message of disapproval to President Barack Obama over his handling of relations with Israel. Silver conceded that Jews may be unhappy with the president’s stance, but insisted that sending a Republican to Congress from the heavily Democratic district would only make things worse. “What we need is more Democrats who will go to bat for Israel, notwithstanding what a president may think,” Silver told the News. It's always about Israel.

7/20/2011 - Jews: Argentina and Iran both failed in bomb probe

7/20/2011 - Apparently, We Are All Belarusians On Tuesday the Tom Lantos Human Rights Hearing convened to discuss what to do about the Syrian regime, which may or may not be engaging in wholesale repression depending on who you believe. Lantos is dead, but while he lived he was considered a major conduit for illegal passage of classified information to the Israeli government. It is nice to see that his spirit lives on in the 112th Congress, particularly as Syria is a front line state that is considered an enemy by Tel Aviv. The Lantos meeting is co-sponsored by Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, who is a major recipient of AIPAC funding.

7/20/2011 - New Man in Tel Aviv by Philip Giraldi Now some of us old fashioned types have long believed that an American ambassador is supposed to represent US interests, but that is apparently no longer the case, at least when Israel is involved. Even assuming that Obama is dissimulating just a tad to burnish his pro-Israeli credentials, the assertion that Israel’s security is job number one should be producing some indigestion somewhere in the media or punditocracy, but, alas, I cannot find it.

7/20/2011 - Former US official derides Palestinian UN effort Bolton is in Israel along with other members of the Friends of Israel Initiative, a group founded last year by former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar.

7/20/2011 - Neocons Fume Over US Boat to Gaza By Ray McGovern It certainly appears that the Likudniks, the U.S. neocons and some of the “Harvards” are running scared as Israel’s growing extremism and anti-Muslim bigotry becomes harder to perfume over with every passing day.

7/20/2011 - Iran 'ready to cooperate' over attack on Argentine Jews Israel has pointed the finger at the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah for carrying out the attacks, which the Jewish state believes were masterminded by Tehran.

7/20/2011 - Christian Zionists unite in D.C. to express support for Israel The prime minister encouraged the conference attendees to not only think of Israel as an ally of the Unites States, but as indistinguishable from it This is the main problem with Israel-supporters. And it's why when I say I don't support Israel, they call me a traitor. They do not see Israel and the United States as two separate entities. It's why they feel the US should fight Israel's enemies (Iraq, now Iran). It's why the US Congress works tirelessly on their behalf - due to the efforts of the powerful Israeli lobby.

7/20/2011 - Murdoch faces calls for break-up of media empire

7/20/2011 - US Republican hopeful backs right to ban synagogues Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain on Sunday said US communities that want to ban synagogues have a right to do so, as he backed opponents of a synagogue being built in Tennessee. "Judaism is both a religion and a set of laws –– Talmudic laws. That's the difference between any one of our traditional religions where it's just about religious purposes," Cain told Fox News Sunday. Imagine if he had said that? The uproar. It's only ok to do this to Muslims, evidently.

7/20/2011 - 32 killed in Syria protests, Damascus moves: activists Syrian forces killed at least 32 civilians on Friday, including 23 in the capital Damascus, in an intensifying crackdown on protests against President Bashar al–Assad, activists said.

7/20/2011 - War With Iran? US Neocons Aim to Repeat Chalabi-Style Swindle Why would some of the most vocal advocates for prosecuting the war on terror now take an Islamic terrorist group under its wing and persistently lobby the State Department and the US Congress to have the group removed from terrorist list? Simply put, they say the enemy of the enemy is our friend. Maryam Rajavi, the MEK leader and self-proclaimed president of Iran, is their new Chalabi.

7/20/2011 - Assad to offer presidential election as Homs death toll rises

7/20/2011 - How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule Over the past 30 years, virtually all the benefit of U.S. economic growth has gone to the richest 1 percent of Americans. Effective tax rates for the very rich are at historic lows and many of the most profitable corporations pay no taxes at all.

7/20/2011 - Assad loyalists kill 10 in attacks in Homs A 12–year old boy was among those killed in Homs on Monday the Local Coordination Committees said, adding that the attacks focused on the al–Khalidiya district of the city.

7/20/2011 - Crackdown escalates in east Syria, protesters killed Syrian forces shot dead two pro–democracy protesters on Thursday in eastern provincial capital Deir al–Zoran, residents said, as a crackdown escalated against dissent in the tribal region bordering Iraq's Sunni heartland.

7/20/2011 - Indonesian Muslim group forms anti-terror squad An Indonesian Islamic youth group has set up a unit to counter radicalism in Muslim communities and even help police defuse homemade bombs, its chairman said Monday.

7/20/2011 - Iran 'hangs' child sex murderer: report Iran has hanged a man convicted of raping and murdering a five–year old girl in a village near the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, the ISNA news agency reported on Sunday. We should do that HERE.

7/20/2011 - Syrian opposition forms council to counter Assad

7/20/2011 - U.N. nuclear agency brings Syria to Security Council The U.N. nuclear watchdog brought allegations of covert atomic work by Syria before the Security Council on Thursday, but the 15–nation body took no immediate action amid divisions among key powers.

7/20/2011 - The Secrecy of the Obama Administration - James Bamford Unplugged!

7/13/2011 - Iran prepares for nuclear work in bunker: sources diplomatic sources say

7/13/2011 - Russia lays out "step-by-step" approach on Iran Russia on Wednesday laid out a "step–by–step" approach under which Iran could address questions about its nuclear program and be rewarded with a gradual easing of sanctions. The proposal, described by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, seeks to revive negotiations to put to rest Western suspicions that Iran may be seeking nuclear arms.

7/13/2011 - Taming deficit means pain for middle class, poor the spending cuts and tax hikes that are on the table would have a major impact on most Americans–especially members of the middle class and the poor.

7/13/2011 - House Threatens To Cut Off Palestinian Aid Over Statehood Move The American Israel Public Affairs Committee was urging its activists as late as Wednesday to press Congress, mired in budget debates, to pass the resolution. In the end, only six lawmakers – three Republicans and three Democrats –voted against.

7/13/2011 - All’s ‘Fare’ in War by Philip Giraldi The other side of Lawfare, as the name indicates, is using the law itself as a weapon of war. The Israelis and American supporters of Israel have caught on to the potential of the legal weapon and are using lawsuits to tie up opponents.

....The lawsuit was filed with the assistance of the Shurat HaDin or Israel Law Center, which has been established as a Non-Government Organization intended to use the law against groups that are critical of Israel. The objective is to harass such groups with litigation so they become ineffective or, even better, bankrupted by legal costs.

....Any group deemed to be hostile to Israel will be attacked and litigated against. Many of the charges will be frivolous but those who are sued will have to waste time and resources defending themselves, which is precisely what is intended.

....Canadian legislators are already considering making any criticism of Israel a hate crime, and once the idea takes hold here in the United States something similar is sure to follow, creating yet another basis for litigation Wow. Is this America or the USSR?

7/13/2011 - Panetta Spins by Philip Giraldi The issue of Iranian support for Shi’a militias is more serious in that it can be considered to be a casus belli, i.e. “they are killing our troops.” It also ties into a recent comment by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen and a reported statement by senior State Department official in Iraq Thomas Nides. Nides admitted that there was no actual proof that Iran was involved, only “classified intelligence.” In other words, “I can’t tell you but I think it’s true.” I have been following this issue ever since it was first surfaced in 2005, when it was claimed that Iranian supplied improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were being used in Iraq, and, later, in Afghanistan. The evidence for the Iranian involvement has always been on the thin side, particularly as it was subsequently discovered that many of the weapons were being manufactured in a former bicycle factory in Iraq. They are definitely low tech and the need for Iranian involvement was always somewhat suspect.

7/13/2011 - US isn't world's moral arbiter: Iranian FM The United States cannot be the world's moral arbiter, a top Iranian official said here Monday, dismissing charges that Tehran is involved in smuggling weapons to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States "has been making such statements for 30 years. We don't consider the US to be able to rule on what is right and what is wrong," Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told a news conference in the Slovenian capital.

7/13/2011 - US Caught Off-guard by Iran Sanctions The decision by Iran's Parliament (Majlis) to impose sanctions on and indict 26 US officials who have perpetrated war crimes and violated human rights has come as a great surprise to the US government that has always accused independent nations such as Iran of violating human rights and supporting terrorism.

7/13/2011 - Ron Paul announces retirement from Congress Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul made a surprise announcement Tuesday that he will not seek re–election to Congress, spelling an end to a nearly 24–year House career amid his third run for president.

7/13/2011 - Iran denies US claims it armed Iraq rebels

7/13/2011 - U.S. may act unilaterally vs Iran-armed Iraq militias U.S. officials blame Shi'ite militias armed by Iraq's Shi'ite neighbor Iran for most of the recent attacks and U.S. military explosives experts showed reporters traveling with Panetta pieces of rockets used for attacks in Iraq that they linked to Iran.

7/13/2011 - Oil rises to above $97 after US crude supply drop Oil prices rose to above $97 a barrel Thursday in Asia as a report showed U.S. crude supplies fell more than expected for a second week, suggesting demand is improving.

7/13/2011 - House Passes $649B Defense Spending Bill The House on Friday overwhelmingly passed a $649 billion defense spending bill that boosts the Pentagon budget by $17 billion and covers the costs of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7/13/2011 - US Cancels Millions in Aid to Pakistan Military Despite billions of dollars in American aid since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the relationship has long been tense because of Pakistan's reluctance to target Taliban militants on its territory who stage cross-border attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan.

7/13/2011 - US Official: No Tangible Evidence at Hand to Prove Iran's Aid to Iraqi Militants Speaking to FNA in Iraq's Northern Kurdish city of Erbil on Monday, US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas Nides repeated his country's earlier claims against Iran, but admitted that the US has no "strong and tangible evidence" to prove the claim.

7/13/2011 - The Establishment in Panic by Patrick J. Buchanan The Republican Party has not said it will refuse to raise the debt ceiling. It has an obligation to do so, and will. The House has simply said it will not accept new taxes on a nation whose fiscal crisis comes from overspending.

7/13/2011 - Israel recognizes South Sudan, offers economic aid Israel recognized South Sudan Sunday, offering the new state economic help after it seceded from the mainly Arab Muslim north, which has no relations with the Jewish state. Israel, a prosperous country, recipient of the largest share of US taxpayer foreign aid is offering economic assistance to SOME OTHER COUNTRY? How about they GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK? We give them BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars each year. These are NOT LOANS. These are grants given at the beginning of the year so that Israel can further gain by the interest on the money. As US schools close, teachers are laid off, states, towns and villages are having to make severe cuts in order to balance their budgets, Israel sits high on the hog and is eager to dole out OUR MONEY.

7/13/2011 - Israel approves work on controversial museum Israel has approved the start of work on a controversial Museum of Tolerance that will be built on the site of an old Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. This would be headlines in the US and Congress would pass at least one resolution condemning the act if it were MUSLIMS that were building ANYTHING on a JEWISH cemetery.

7/13/2011 - Lebanon warns Israel against sea border move "President Michel Sleiman warns against any unilateral decisions Israel may take on maritime borders which would be a breach of international law, as is Israel's habit," Sleiman's office said in a statement.

7/13/2011 - Lebanon lawmakers approve Hezbollah-backed government

7/13/2011 - Iran threatens to attack rebels across Iraq border "The terrorists will not be allowed to take sanctuary in Iraq's territory and attack Iran with the support of America and the Zionist regime," the official said. "Action will be taken against these terrorists." The Israelis trained the Kurds, according to UK news sources.

7/13/2011 - Interpol issues warrants for Hariri killing suspects

7/13/2011 - For Israel, a Balkan bloom despite Palestine chill The Israeli leader, a free–market champion who is quick to celebrate his country's hi–tech advances and endurance through global economic doldrums, made no secret of wanting to exploit recent off–shore natural gas discoveries as strategic exports. "Because we need very little of this, we intend basically to lay a pipeline or create a shipping lane. We can be a big supplier in the natural gas field," he said. Israel is FAT from the US taxypayer welfare checks that we HAND them every year. Billions, kids. And there are tons more peripheral perks that they receive such as the US Security Council veto at the UN, defense agreements, numerous pieces of legislation, and the action taken in the Middle East by the US military.

7/13/2011 - Leon Panetta, a Defense Secretary With a Long History of Cooperation with Israel During his recently completed stint as CIA director, Panetta worked closely with Israeli intelligence, which reportedly has shared information about Iran and about terror threats. “It is important to understand that despite differences on Middle East policy, the military and intelligence relations between the U.S. and Israel were extremely strong,” said Jim Colbert, policy director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. “Director Panetta was closely involved on these issues.” This really means that America is in BIG trouble. We will be attacking Iran before long, no doubt.

7/13/2011 - U.N. council split likely on Syria atomic issue: U.S. Notice how the issue is about what Syria MIGHT have been doing and NOT the fact that Israel violated international law by bombing Syria without any provocation.

7/13/2011 - Lawyer Who Promotes Anti-Sharia Laws Publishes New Study on Islamic Extremism Four years in the making, and part of a project costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, Yerushalmi’s study is titled “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques” and was co-written by Mordechai Kedar, a professor of Middle East studies at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. It is published in the current issue of the Middle East Quarterly, the flagship publication of the conservative think tank, the Middle East Forum. The study has been strongly criticized by liberal organizations but seized upon by conservative publications, such as FrontPage Magazine and National Review Online, as proof that Islam constitutes a grave threat to national security. Writing in National Review Online, Andrew McCarthy said the results proved that, “what we wishfully call ‘radicalism’ is in fact the Islamic mainstream.”

...Yerushalmi did say that one of the study’s funders was the Center for Security Policy, a neoconservative think tank devoted to opposing what it perceives to be the growing threat of radical Islam in the United States. Put forth by Israelis and pushed forward by neocons, are you surprised?

7/13/2011 - Syria says Clinton's remarks on Assad "provocative"

7/13/2011 - Tug-of-war over Iraqi Jewish trove in US hands There are claims of Jewish pressure to prevent the return of the collection, and questions about why the U.S. didn't prevent the looting of Arab and Islamic treasures during the invasion but was able to bring the Jewish collection to safety in America. That's a good point. Americans need to learn what the term 'philosemitism' means, and its implications. This country via our government seems to be suffering from it, and suffering for it.

7/13/2011 - U.S. slams Syria for 'outrageous' embassy attack The United States on Monday condemned Syria for refusing to protect the U.S. embassy in Damascus from an "outrageous" attack by government loyalists it said were seeking to divert attention from Syria's internal political crisis.

7/13/2011 - US says Assad failed to prove himself legitimate

7/13/2011 - West piles pressure for UN action on Syria

7/13/2011 - Bolstered by support, Syrians pour into streets Hundreds of thousands of Syrians poured into the streets of the opposition stronghold Hama on Friday, bolstered by a gesture of support from the American and French ambassadors who visited the city where a massacre nearly 30 years ago came to symbolize the ruthlessness of the Assad dynasty. The visit by U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford drew swift condemnation from the Syrian government, which said the unauthorized trip was proof that Washington was inciting violence in the Arab nation.

7/13/2011 - Debating Taboos by Ralph Nader The first nationally televised debate (C-SPAN) on the subject of mandatory voting, or voting duty, occurred in Washington D.C. on June 27, 2011 (watch it at: Why did it take so long? Because discussing this topic has been a taboo in electoral, legislative and main media arenas. Hmm. That's an interesting concept.

7/13/2011 - Corporate Tax Escapees and You

7/13/2011 - France slams Russia, China block on UN Syria vote

7/13/2011 - Paul Caps his Congressional Career

7/13/2011 - Bachmann Looks for Social Conservative Support As Michael Dougherty wrote in the cover story of TAC‘s June issue, “the Tea Party, confusedly hailed by the media as a grassroots libertarian spasm, turns out on inspection to be the religious right wearing a tricorn hat and talking about Obamacare.” Dougherty continues: “Neoconservatives who call for confrontation with Iran, a closer relationship with Israel, and pressing the War on Terror are not echoed by religious conservatives—they’re drowned out by them.”

7/13/2011 - Turkish FM to visit Iran Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will visit Iran on Sunday to discuss a wave of unrest shaking Middle East countries, a senior Turkish diplomat said.

7/13/2011 - Lebanon's Hariri slams Hezbollah over UN court Lebanon's opposition leader Saad Hariri on Tuesday defended a UN–backed court that has indicted Hezbollah members in the 2005 murder of his father against "misleading accusations" by the Shiite group

7/6/2011 - Oil up past $96 on higher price forecast Oil prices bounced back above $95 a barrel Tuesday on the back of forecasts for more expensive crude in 2012, though gains were limited by the dollar's rise and doubts about global demand. Speculators strike again. Treason.

7/6/2011 - Israeli minister: Don't take eyes off Iran Britain believes Tehran has conducted at least three secret tests of medium–range ballistic missiles since October, amid an apparent escalation of its nuclear program and increased scrutiny from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

7/6/2011 - The Tea Party and Goldman Sachs: A Love Story The whole point of the tea party is to focus concern over our stagnant economy on something called “big government” while ignoring the big corporations that have bought the government as an accessory to their marketing strategies.

7/6/2011 - The US Must End Its Illegal War in Libya Now by Dennis Kucinich the war is illegal under the United States constitution and our War Powers Act, because only the US Congress has the authority to declare war and the president has been unable to show that the US faced an imminent threat from Libya. The president even ignored his top legal advisers at the Pentagon and the department of justice who insisted he needed congressional approval before bombing Libya.

7/6/2011 - Think tank: Shrink ground forces, end counterinsurgency missions for savings To help heal the nation’s economic sores, Washington could free up billions annually by drastically altering how it uses the U.S. military and shaving the size of the Army and Marine Corps, according to a new study.

7/6/2011 - Winners and Losers by Philip Giraldi Bolton, a leading neoconservative, has been calling for attacking Iran for a number of years. As part of his argument, he always maintains that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon is imminent. He never explains why it hasn’t happened yet, making one suspect that his warnings are baseless and politically motivated. Even the United States intelligence community, in its recently concluded review of the National Intelligence Estimate of 2007, has stated its belief that there is no evidence that Iran has restarted the nuclear weapons program that it abandoned in 2003.

7/6/2011 - As recovery lags, corporations prosper–and lobby for more So to recap: This recovery is among the weakest since World War Two. But three years after the financial industry caused the economy to tank, corporations are doing better than ever, without using their profits to hire people. Meanwhile, they're lobbying for more tax breaks, which would make the deficit problem worse.

7/6/2011 - Hezbollah leader rejects Hariri court indictments He also portrayed the head of the court, Antonio Cassese, as a friend of Israel who is hostile to Hezbollah and said many of its officials had links to U.S. intelligence. "This investigation, and this court... as far as we are concerned is American and Israeli," he said.

7/6/2011 - U.N. prosecutor says Hezbollah should help Hariri probe Footage aired by Nasrallah on Saturday included scenes of a conference in Israel at which the U.N. Lebanon tribunal's president Antonio Cassese was praised as a friend of Israel. Nasrallah also showed pictures of documents which he said showed that 97 computers used by investigators had been shipped out of Lebanon via Israel, instead of directly from Beirut's airport or seaport, to the tribunal's headquarters in the Netherlands.

7/6/2011 - U.S. urges Lebanon to act on Hariri indictments Of course the US urges Lebanon to do so - at Israel's urging of course. This was a complete setup from day one to turn the Lebanese against Hezbollah. It has Israeli false flag operation written all over it.

7/6/2011 - Letter: AIPAC a big Kirk supporter Such a plan provides a powerful suggestion that Kirk is in someone’s back pocket. It also brings to mind a February 2010 report on the TPMMuckraker website that states that the senator received $1,025,000 from pro-Israeli Pacs — AIPAC, in particular. After that, he called for the U.S. Navy to assist the Israeli navy to intercept the next Gaza relief flotilla on the high seas

7/6/2011 - The FBI's synagogue bomb plot Throughout the sentencing, Judge McMahon remained firm: this case was a government invention. The men in question did not agree to carry out the crime due to ideology. They had no allegiance to, or even knowledge, of the terrorist group Jaish-i-Mohammed, in whose name they allegedly acted. They were not motivated to criminal behaviour by their allegiance to Allah. They were motivated, purely and simply, by money; as such, they were criminals deserving punishment, but not terrorists. As Judge McMahon repeatedly stated, these men were not equivalent to the 2010 Times Square bomber, Faisal Shazad, or other ideologically motivated terrorists. It's not the entrapment that bothers this reporter but rather the potential for the spread of anti-Semitism. Ok.

7/6/2011 - Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans Take the enormous amount of misinformation that is taken for truth by Fox audiences: the belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and that he was in on 9/11, the belief that climate change isn't real and/or man-made, the belief that Barack Obama is Muslim and wasn't born in the United States, the insistence that all Arabs are Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists, the inexplicable perceptions that immigrants are both too lazy to work and are about to steal your job. The pro-Israelis use the same methods.

7/6/2011 - Hezbollah chief defends Hariri suspects in Lebanon Nasrallah said the suspects named in the indictment are brothers "who have an honorable history in resisting Israeli occupation." He went on to cast doubt on the U.N.–backed tribunal investigating the crime and said it was biased. Awful strange that those fingered were Israel's enemies, eh? Can you say false flag?

7/6/2011 - Syrian forces shoot dead 14 in Hama: activists

7/6/2011 - The Peasants Are Revolting by Philip Giraldi Brooks appears to be bothered most by the fact that the Tea Partiers are so common. How dare they not pay attention to “scholars and intellectual authorities,” which undoubtedly includes David Brooks himself. Brooks seems unaware that it is precisely folks like him and his scholarly buddies who have gotten the rest of us in a mess that appears to have no exit door. His invocation of the “ancient habits of our nation” appears to accept running up catastrophic debts while fighting a series of wars of choice, which he, of course, chose and even cheerleaded. That is not so much an ancient habit as a recent one, brought to us courtesy of Brooks and his friends over at The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, and the American Enterprise Institute.

7/6/2011 - Movement to Abolish Corporate Personhood Gaining Traction Throughout the country people have responded by organizing against “corporate personhood,” a court-created precedent that illegitimately gives corporations rights that were intended for human beings.

7/6/2011 - Russia criticizes US over abuses in wars abroad

7/6/2011 - Debating Taboos by Ralph Nader Make your own list of public taboos. For example, in all the talk about debts, deficits and taxes, notice the near total silence about a huge revenue producer, with a ready base of popular support, a Wall Street securities transaction tax--often called a tax on high volume financial speculation. In President Obama's 70 minute news conference last week, not one reporter asked his position on this proposed tax. Moreover, no President has been asked this question in public for at least the last 40 years. Yet several countries have such a tax and the U.S. had such a tax until about fifty years ago.

7/6/2011 - Pandit’s Payouts Climb Toward $200 Million as Top Bailout Recipient Slips “Pandit, his $1 pay notwithstanding, cannot be considered modestly paid,” said Graef Crystal, a compensation expert and Bloomberg News consultant based in Las Vegas. “Taxpayers saved this bank, and he’s getting a bundle while shareholders are getting shortchanged on the stock price.”

7/6/2011 - McCain & Lieberman Keep Up Interventionist Rhetoric

7/6/2011 - Is Default Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan Administrations of both parties contributed to this rise in the federal share of gross domestic product. But the GOP committed itself in 2010 to rein it in, without raising taxes. On that pledge the GOP triumphed and should keep its commitment.

7/6/2011 - America: Indebted to War The most significant Republican proposal to actually reduce spending to a degree in tune with the severity of our problem was put forth by Sen. Rand Paul. Paul introduced a plan in March that would balance the budget in five years and reduce the debt by $4 trillion. Paul’s plan sought not simply to stop or reform spending—but to cut it—the very thing virtually every Republican claims to support and agrees must happen.

7/6/2011 - Syrian forces kill 24, protesters tell Assad to go The assaults concentrated on the northern section of Jabal al–Zawya region, home to 15,000 people, many of whom are trying to flee to Turkey, which already has 10,000 refugees from attacks in Idlib earlier this month.

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Pat Buchanan
01/13/07 Click the picture to watch a short video clip
(from MSNBC's The Chris Matthews show)
of my favorite political commentator offering
his take on what Israel has done in Lebanon.

I cannot stress enough how valuable the magazine The American Conservative is with regard to its articles dealing with US policy - both domestic and foreign. It is well worth buying the hard copy edition - especially since you can then show your family and friends (who may not have internet access) what others have to say about the state of our affairs. These voices counter the prevailing neoconservative agenda that is routinely put forth in our mainstream media (and in our Congress).

Do yourself a favor and subscribe today.

The future of America may depend on it (if the neocons in the Bush administration succeed in starting a new war - Iran). For, these neoconservatives count on YOUR IGNORANCE which allows for their agenda to prevail. A sheep that complacently follows the herd - and that does not ask questions - is a good sheep in the eyes of those who seek to pull the wool over your eyes. Get informed, and stand up and be counted. It's the AMERICAN way.

because of a group of neoconservatives that have found their way into the Bush administration.

But their agenda does not hold the interests of the United States as the number 1 priority.

“Securing the Realm”

The principal draftsman is Richard Perle, an aide to Sen. Scoop Jackson, who, in 1970, was overheard on a federal wiretap discussing classified information from the National Security Council with the Israeli Embassy. In Jews and American Politics, published in 1974, Stephen D. Isaacs wrote, “Richard Perle and Morris Amitay command a tiny army of Semitophiles on Capitol Hill and direct Jewish power in behalf of Jewish interests.” In 1983, the New York Times reported that Perle had taken substantial payments from an Israeli weapons manufacturer.

In 1996, with Douglas Feith and David Wurmser, Perle wrote “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” for Prime Minister Netanyahu. In it, Perle, Feith, and Wurmser urged Bibi to ditch the Oslo Accords of the assassinated Yitzak Rabin and adopt a new aggressive strategy:

Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq—an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right—as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions. Jordan has challenged Syria’s regional ambitions recently by suggesting the restoration of the Hashemites in Iraq.

In the Perle-Feith-Wurmser strategy, Israel’s enemy remains Syria, but the road to Damascus runs through Baghdad. Their plan, which urged Israel to re-establish “the principle of preemption,” has now been imposed by Perle, Feith, Wurmser & Co. on the United States.

Whose War is this?

Baiting a Trap for Bush?

by Patrick J. Buchanan
If Syria's Bashar Assad was behind the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri of Lebanon, he is, in the edited version of Gen. Tommy Franks' phrase, "the dumbest … man on the planet."

The Beirut car bombing that killed Hariri smashed Assad's hope of any rapprochement with the United States, forced him into a collision with President Bush, united the Lebanese in rage at Damascus and their own pro-Syrian government, and coalesced world pressure on Assad to get his 15,000 troops out of Lebanon.

The blowback from this atrocity, fully predictable, is Syria's isolation. Hence, it makes no sense for Bashar to have done it. Nor is this his style. Unlike his father, Bashar Assad has no history of ordering terror attacks.

Cui bono – Who benefits? – is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror. Did those who planned and perpetrated this atrocity seek not only the elimination of the pro-Saudi and pro-American Hariri, but a U.S.-Syria confrontation that immediately followed?

If an independent investigation points to Syrian complicity, Assad must be held accountable. But President Bush would be wise to suspend judgment and take no rash action. For this atrocity has the look of a false-flag operation to goad a volatile president into an attack on Syria. And, indeed, the cries are coming from the predictable quarters for Bush to let the missiles fly.

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