I do not support those who commit terror attacks, ie, the targeting of civilians -
that goes for both sides.

A reminder : A bible is not a land deed.
The Facts About the Conflict and Our Role In It.
The Opinion of the International Community About Israel
When a country "annexes" or "conquers" territory, it must take the people AND the land, or nothing at all. Private property cannot be confiscated - according to International Law.
And the rules of war apply. The Israeli government has broken these rules, time and again. Now they are doing it in our name, with our tax money, and with our blessing at the UN - here's why. As an American, I find this, along with the grave human rights violations committed by the Israeli military against the Palestinians (they are not all terrorists, nor are they all terror-supporters; collective punishment is just plain wrong) to be unacceptable. I don't support Hamas or any other terrorists, but at least my tax money isn't funding them, making me a party to it.

And to the Israeli refuseniks or "conscientious objectors": I hold you in the highest regard possible. You have my utmost respect and admiration. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and be counted like this, and I salute you. History will remember you well for it.

What other conservatives think about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians: former presidential candidate and owner of American Conservative Magazine Pat Buchanan - "Stand Up to Sharon" and former Congressman(R) Paul Findley - "This is not the America my generation fought to preserve" - good reads.

Rachel's Page   Brian Avery's page   Tom Hurndall's page

People and The Land Something every American needs to see. If you have broadband, watch this documentary released in '97 made by American journalists for PBS stations that the ADL tried to ban. Some American Jewish groups succeeded in pursuading many PBS stations to shelve it.

Or you can buy this video here.

If you want to know why a people would be driven to using their bodies as human bombs, you need to read this write-up by Tom Hayes here. Keep in mind that this movie was filmed BEFORE there were any suicide bombings in Israel. It's lengthy but it's a must read.

UN condemns Israel

Amnesty condemns Israel

Human Rights Watch condemns Israel

B'tselem condemns Israel

Gush Shalom condemns Israel

Israeli woman witnessed child killing

Diarist witnessed child killing

Neta Golan, an Israeli, witnessed child killing

Under "Killings of Palestinian children"
Amnesty delegates witnessed child killing

Anne Gwynne, Welsh granny ISMer
- "It's like Hell here, there are tanks firing on children."

Irish activist shot

Welsh granny activist shot

British UN worker shot

Brian Avery of NM shot

Rachel Corrie run over by a bulldozer - twice

The shooting of Tom Hurndall

The shooting of James Miller

and many more.

Why should you as an American care, after all, the Palestinians are all terrorists, right? Wrong. Just remember, we pay big money to Israel. Big money. We arm them with tanks, helicopter gunships and the like. And when any UN disciplinary action against Israel is vetoed again and again by the US (and we are usually the ONLY veto) and successfully blocked, and when there becomes hostility towards Americans from these people and their neighbors, do not ask why. Now you know.

There are certain facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that have been ignored or downplayed by the US press - namely, that Israel is in violation of numerous UN resolutions by occupying and colonizing the Palestinian territories seized after the '67 war. Since 1967, Israel has bulldozed or demolished 8,000 Palestinian homes rendering thousands homeless. That Americans are led to believe that Israel has done nothing wrong to the Palestinians all of these years, and that the Palestinians are the sole aggressors in this conflict is a falsehood if not an outright lie.

I'm not a liberal, I'm a conservative and I believe in the letter of the law. I believe that had Israel abided by international law from '67 to the present, that this conflict wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as it is now. Many people on both sides have lost their lives as a result of Israel's continued military occupation and colonization of the Palestinian territories, and I believe that these deaths were wholly preventable. Now I know that this conflict is all about the land, especially after having read this article.

An example of Israeli democracy

Dec. 2003 - Mr. President, "Stand Up to Sharon"