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Watch this documentary - PEOPLE AND THE LAND - It was filmed between the late 80s and early 90s during the first intifada or uprising, by an American - Tom Hayes - who has a history of documenting refugee camps for PBS stations. It's too big for my lil site so here it is in a few places around the net -

Or you can buy it here -

It's possible that your local library or video store has it available to rent.

I put some short clips from this film here

And the corresponding write-up by the filmmaker is here which is just as informative - hayes2.htm

VIDEO: Palestine Is Still the Issue by Briton John Pilger for ITV. Excellent. Watch this three part series in Real Media format. It's even better than People And the Land. There are a few articles about this documentary here. You can buy the video here or here. You can read about this film here, in Pilger's own words.

COMING ON JUNE 5th(2003) PBS: - IN THE LINE OF FIRE - Watch the first clip on the PBS site to see a journalist beaten unconcious by Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territories and a different photographer shot and then shot again as he lie on the ground, despite the other cameramen shouting that they were photographers. Article at the Electronic Intifada.

* Unfortunately, many of the links to the news videos that were available last year through Yahoo News that I have linked to all throughout my site, no longer work. I have kept the links to them in the hopes that I could find a workaround. I have not found one yet.

Imperial Geography 28-minute movie about Palestinian struggle, requires Real Media player.

From 6-24 - AP VIDEO: Palestinian wedding party at roadblock One of the first times I've ever seen a news video on Yahoo or anywhere that featured Palestinians as ordinary people. This is a rarity and kudos to AP for airing it.

4-7 Palestinian flag can be seen among this group of Irish anti-war protestors

Reuters video of tank opening fire on stonethrowing youths - one was killed.

AP video of Jabalya Refugee camp - Israeli tank shell fired on crowd of civilians killing some.

Same as above from Reuters

Video of IDF firing on International peacekeepers from April 2002 - - requires Real Media Player 2-2004: this video is no longer available from the BBC website. I will attempt to locate it elsewhere. Update 10-2005 - the video is back up and running, link works. - related photos and articles here.

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