The Wall

I don't have a problem with a fence if it's built on the Green Line, the internationally recognized border of Israel. Anything beyond that is in violation of international law.

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4-4 - Israel's Christian problem
While soldiers from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) overrun church properties, the U.S. taxpayer is paying for much of the $8 billion wall.

The Christian pilgrim, stopped at IDF checkpoints, sees this graffiti at many places on the barrier: "The USA is paying for this wall." That underscores U.S. responsibility for what is happening in the Holy Land.

3-28 - Franciscans Condemn Apartheid Wall at UN Commission "As a Franciscan living in Jerusalem, I can testify to the flagrant human rights violations that take place daily due to the wall's erection," said Fr Marco Malagola

3-21 - More than 35 wounded in protest against Israel's West Bank barrier A spokeswoman for the rights group put the overall number of wounded at 42, including a woman and a nine-year-old child, both of whom were hit in the head

3-21 - More than 25 hurt during anti-fence protest near Dir Kadis Many of the injured were wounded in the upper body and face, it said. Regulations require security forces firing rubber bullets to aim only at the legs of demonstrators.

3-21 - Israelis fire on West Bank barrier protesters

3-19 - UN official slams Israel barrier The only beneficiaries of the barrier, the report says, are Israeli settlers, who are likely to gain land which has been seized from Palestinians.

3-19 - Palestinians call for total stop to construction of barrier

3-18 - Palestinian Boy Wounded in Barrier Clash Soldiers fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets to break up people who were throwing stones. A 12-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull from a rubber bullet, hospital officials said. Why do they shoot kids in the head with rubber-coated steel bullets?

3-18 - Israeli Court Halts Barrier Construction

3-18 - How Sharon's giant fence broke down the barriers of suspicion He adds: "Since we have been here we have had very good relations with the village. So far as I know no terrorist acts have been perpetrated from there, not in the first intifada, nor in the second. This is a matter of humanity; they are human beings like us. We know how this will hurt them.

3-18 - Sitting on the fence on Israel's wall

3-18 - Non-violent protest stops West Bank wall

3-16 - Powell: U.S. not against fence

3-15 - Hitting the Wall The West Bank barrier - and the Palestinian Authority’s inaction


3-12 - IDF issues expropriation orders for disputed section of fence

3-11 - Beit Dukka: Protesters peaceful soldiers violent Some photos of this event here.

3-11 - Israeli supreme court extends suspension of section of West Bank barrier

3-11 - West Bank barrier freeze extended Then why are they still confiscating and bulldozing?

3-10 - Israel to Cut 110 Miles from W.Bank Barrier -Source

3-9 - Emergency Statement Occupied Palestinian Territories SAVE THE CHILDREN UK EMERGENCY STATEMENT

3-9 - Palestinian demonstrators clash with Israeli army in Jerusalem

3-8 - Eight hurt in barrier protest I will have the Yahoo photos up from this barrier protest and that of the previous days' shortly on the photos page.

3-6 - Jewish suburb backs protest

3-5 - B’nai Brith-preposterous purveyor of propaganda

3-5 - Israel begins wall cutting into Jesus's birthplace

3-4 - Why Terry is no fence-sitter

3-3 - CPT Nonviolent Demonstration to Work Palestinian Land

3-3 - A FOURTH VICTIM OF THE ISRAELI ARMY IN BIDDU Mohamed Saleh Bedwan who was shot in the head by the Israeli Army last week during the demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Biddu passed away this morning.
See also - West Bank barrier protester dies .The Israelis use rubber-coated STEEL bullets that are often deadly. Children have died from being shot (sometimes in the head) by the IDF using these bullets.

3-3 - Israelis Join Palestinian Appeal Against Barrier

3-2 - AP VIDEO: West Bank Residents Threatened by Barrier

3-2 - Terry Waite Says Sees Attraction of Radical Groups Waite also visited the Palestinian territories where he said he was shocked by what he saw, prompting him to call on Israel to dismantle a security barrier it is building in the West Bank.

3-2 - Christians against the 'separation fence'

3-1 - Israeli Barrier Isolates W. Bank Village

3-1 - Fashion Shoot Slated for Israeli Barrier

2-29 - Wall will devastate Arab town - by a Palestinian

2-29 - Work Stopping on Part of Israeli Barrier

2-29 - Kerry's lack of political courage Kerry is on both sides of the "security fence".

2-28 - Israel's wall of shame will create poor Palestinian bantustans There are stark parallels between the Middle East and the old SA, says Ronnie Kasrils

2-28 - Four Palestinians Killed By The Army While Protesting Against The Wall Of Apartheid

2-27 - Israelis kill two villagers in barrier protests "We will be cut off from everything we need to have for a normal life," he said.

2-27 - Land grab in Gaza casts doubt on pullout The Israeli army handed orders to Palestinian families on Monday expropriating land "to build a security fence for Netzarim", that increases the territory under Israel's control in Gaza.

2-26 - Two Palestinians Killed in W. Bank Barrier Protest see also this report by ISM witnesses and this report from the BBC.. Israeli rubber bullets can kill, they are rubber-coated STEEL bullets.

2-26 - Lutheran World Federation Protests Wall in Middle East

2-26 - Larsen: PA might help pay for barrier if it follows Green Line

2-26 - Martin's Mideast muddle So convoluted is Canada's position on the Israeli security barrier that it is no longer logical.

2-25 - Arab League Decries Israeli Barrier

2-25 - Israel to shorten West Bank barrier as world court hearing winds up

2-25 - World court hearings end with claims barrier wrecking Mideast peace hopes Israeli government legal advisor Daniel Taub, who observed proceedings, said they had been completely one-sided. Well, yeh, that's what happens when you're the defendant and you opt to sit out of the proceedings. This isn't rocket science.

2-25 - Israel orders land confiscation for Wall in Gaza

2-25 - West Bank barrier to be shortened

2-25 - In the city of Bethlehem, disarray and desperate times

2-25 - Two USA Activists Arrested Protesting Against Wall These beatings were shown in the BBC World footage tonight.

2-25 - Jewish groups angered by MPs comments "[MP]O’Brien said he recognizes “that Israel is within its rights to construct a security barrier on its own territory. However, the Sharon government is constructing the provocative security wall on territories occupied by Israel in direct and deliberate contravention of international law." Sounds about right to me.

2-25 - Why the Israeli 'barrier' is wrong by Christian Aid UK
Jayyous resident Faheema Saleem, 60 years old and mother of eleven, has lost all but a tiny plot of her 25 acre smallholding to the area behind the barrier. 'Our source of living is behind the wall,' she told me.

2-25 - Barrier violates international law

2-24 - Sharon blasts ICJ hearings; barrier work resumes in West Bank In Beit Surik, around 100 villagers tried to stop two Israeli bulldozers by lying down in front of them and clashes broke out between them and Israeli border police who used sound grenades and beat them with sticks as the bulldozers began levelling a field of olive trees.

2-24 - Oxford legal experts take aim at the fence Scholars at Oxford University say the security measures that Israel is adopting to defend itself violate international law.

2-24 - Palestinians in W. Bank protest the Israeli barrier

2-24 - Beit Surik: Villagers Attempt To Stop Bulldozers Villagers Attempt To Stop Bulldozers From Destroying Their Land

2-24 - Court hears new barrier criticism

2-24 - World court case raises questions about Israeli settlements "If the wall defends anything, it is ... the position of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories,"

2-23 - ISRAEL'S BARRIER: Tear it down: It's an oppressive grab of Palestinian land BY HUWAIDA ARRAF

2-23 - Israel's "separation barrier" in the occupied West Bank: Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law consequences The Israeli government has failed to demonstrate that it could not adopt less intrusive and less restrictive alternatives to address the security of civilians, including a barrier contiguous with the 1949 Armistice Line, commonly known as the Green Line. I hope this report is presented at the Hague. Wow.

2-23 - Palestinians hope for sanctions on Israel

2-23 - World Court Hears Case on Israeli Barrier

2-23 - Thousands of Palestinians Protest Barrier

2-23 - Barrier aimed at bolstering occupation, Palestinians tell world court "It is more than obvious that when you deprive an entire people of their rights, expropriate their land and property and wall them into enclaves and ghettos you are not solving the security problem but creating an untenable situation that will combust."

2-23 - In the shadow of Sharon's wall Sharon's wall is not about peace. It is not about security. It is about the hatred that Sharon has for my people as non-Jews in land he wants for his Jewish state, the hatred he has for our quest for freedom and independence based on equality.

2-23 - World court examines barrier row

2-23 - Israel accused of 'illegal land grab'

2-23 - 'No jobs, no hope, no life, no freedom': Palestinians and the 'security' barrier

2-23 - Barrier case draws protests

2-23 - Swiss take sides over Israeli barrier

2-23 - Crossing the line Another Israeli against the wall published on an American news site.

2-23 - China opposes construction of Israeli separation wall

2-23 - But Palestinians find barrier cuts across the grain

2-23 - Wall that must fall to save Israel from itself Two more Israelis against the wall published in American media.

2-22 - Bomb gives Israel case for the wall "Life is more important than the quality of life," There is irony in that statement. I'll let you figure it out.

2-22 - Peaceful Protest "I think they [Israelis] want to push us out from here,"

2-22 - Israel starts dismantling part of West Bank barrier

2-22 - Israeli Barrier Challenge for World Court

2-21 - America is complicit in illegal wall... Jeff Halper is coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

2-21 - THE MIDDLE EAST KNOW RESPECT, KNOW PEACE - NO RESPECT, NO PEACE By HEDY EPSTEIN Violence, humiliation only aggravate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Holocaust survivor speaks about Israel's hideous policies.

2-21 - Israel 'to raze part of barrier'

2-21 - A noose around the necks of Palestinians

2-21 - Views From Two Sides of Israel's Disputed Wal Fox News, shows two sides to the story? Wow.

2-21 - Israel to Dismantle Part of West Bank Barrier

2-21 - Gaza Settlers Say They Won't Leave Again Many of the Israelis in Gaza are devout and invoke the Bible to justify their claim to the crowded strip that is home to 1.3 million Palestinians. A third generation of Israelis is growing up in Gaza.
What the Gaza settlements do to the non-Jewish residents - Palestinians caged in beach paradise.

2-21 - Palestinians confident Israel will lose world court battle over barrier

2-20 - Sweden: Wall Violates International Law

2-20 - It exists not for security but for apartheid A 15-year-old Palestinian student living in the West Bank - a rare occasion that a US news site allows a firsthand point of view from a Palestinian directly affected by the wall.

2-20 - Israel's 'Wall' Assailed by Key Civil Society Groups

2-20 - Churches condemn Israel barrier The World Council of Churches (WCC) has called on Israel to stop "and reverse" the building of a controversial separation barrier in the West Bank.

2-20 - West Bank barrier faces U.N. court

2-20 - Israel to Dismantle Part of West Bank Barrier -Report

2-20 - Palestinians plan massive anti-barrier rallies ahead of world court hearing

2-19 - Israel/ Occupied Territories: The fence/ wall violates international law

2-19 - Israeli army says case for barrier closed ahead of ICJ hearing

2-19 - Red Cross condemns Israeli wall Balthasar Staehelin, a Red Cross official, said that if the fence followed the pre-1967 war border, "that would solve many of the problems".

2-19 - Mid-East PR blitz heads for Hague Palestinian farmers are due to describe their plight to the court, highlighting how the wall prevents them from reaching their land and earning a living.

2-19 - Sharon lashes out at world court

2-19 - DPRK demands Israel halts security barrier construction The Democratic People's Republicof Korea (DPRK) Thursday demanded that Israel should immediately stop the construction of its West Bank security barrier.

2-19 - China opposes Israel building separation wall

2-18 - Red Cross condemns Israeli wall

2-18 - Red Cross slams Israel barrier (Sorry for the repeats but some of these links die quickly)

2-18 - Israel Barrier Violates Humanitarian Law, Red Cross Says

2-18 - Red Cross Raps Israel Over West Bank Barrier

2-18 - US, Europe will not speak at ICJ hearings on Israeli barrier

2-17 - Occupied Salfit: living in the stench of settlers' sewage and in the shadow of the Apartheid Wall

2-17 - Bombed Israeli Bus to Be Shown Outside World Court

2-16- U.S. sets red lines on pullout plan: no annexation, no eastern fence

2-16 - Germany Urges Israel to Change Barrier

2-16 - Israeli president meets Chirac as hundreds protest against West Bank barrier Chirac has already labelled the barrier illegal, adding his voice to international concerns that the forced separation of Israel from the Palestinian community in the West Bank will worsen the Middle East conflict.

2-15 - World court to hear Israeli West Bank barrier case this week

2-15 - Barrier, anti-Semitism to dominate Israeli president's France visit

2-14 - Frank Wright: Up against the wall

2-13 - U.S. Envoys to Press Sharon on Barrier, Gaza Plan

2-13 - Barrier Route Change May Have Aided Israel

2-13 - Israeli officials expect hostile ICJ ruling on West Bank barrier

2-13 - Israeli officials predict negative world court ruling; Palestinian killed

2-13 - We must act now over Israel's wall The Israelis have legitimate security concerns, but the corollary of demanding action on terrorism from the Palestinian Authority is that Israel ends the occupation. Terrorism, the construction of settlements and the security wall are all contrary to international law and should cease.

2-13 - Outside View: Walls of Hurt A young Palestinian felt differently. In fact, having overheard what I said to the journalists, he gathered up his courage and boarded our bus. He asked if he could speak to the group, borrowing a microphone from our Israeli guide. He told us that until hearing what I had said to the French journalists, he had believed that all American Jews hate Palestinians and lack any sympathy for them as fellow human beings. As a result, he hated all Jews. But having heard one Jew empathize with the Palestinian plight, he had changed his mind. He would never again hate "all Jews" nor would he continue to believe that all Jews hate Palestinians.

2-13 - Trapped between Israel and the wall A number of Palestinian villagers, cut off from the rest of the West Bank by Israel's separation barrier, this week received the latest notifications that the army intends to demolish their homes.

2-12 - Israel to Shun World Court Hearing on Barrier

2-12 - Israel boycotts hearings over fence The 15 judges will report back to the Assembly, but only the Security Council can order sanctions against Israel. The United States would probably veto any punitive resolution.

2-12 - Israel to miss hearing on barrier

2-12 - Church carers fall foul of Jerusalem wall ISRAEL’s construction of a security wall separating the Jewish state from the West Bank is likely to prevent a Christian home for the elderly and chronically sick from functioning normally

2-12 - Swiss challenge legality of Israeli barrier Paul Seger, a senior Swiss foreign ministry official, said the court should “make clear once and for all” if the fourth Geneva Convention - which protects civilians during times of war - was applicable in the occupied territories.

2-12 - Britain condemns Israeli barrier as unlawful

2-12 - Pope condemns West Bank fence in meeting with Qureia

2-11 - EU repeats call to end Israeli wall

2-11 - Vajpayee snub for Israel fence
India has refused to dilute its stand on the Palestinian cause and support Israel on the controversial “anti-terrorist fence” it is constructing to thwart jihadis and suicide bombers.

2-11 - EU denounces Israeli barrier but rejects court action

2-11 - Two trials will contest new Israeli barrier The court has a long history of legitimizing policies of deporting Palestinians and demolishing their homes,

2-11 - Israel may not attend world court hearing on West Bank barrier

2-10 - Israel Hems in Sacred City

2-10 - Israel to reopen consulate in Mumbai India, in principle, is opposed to the fence and has always championed the cause of a Palestinian state.

2-9 - Israeli legal challenge to barrier

2-9 - Qurei calls for action on barrier

2-9 - Israel plans to reroute fence in face of opposition

2-8 - Israel Plans to Shorten West Bank Barrier

2-8 - Seeking U.S. Nod, Israel Redraws West Bank Barrier

2-8 - Israel to reroute barrier closer to West Bank border: report

2-8 - AP: Arab League to Oppose Israeli Barrier

2-7 - Palestinians, Israelis hold joint protest against West Bank barrier

2-6 - World Court Denies Judge's Israel Bias

2-5 - Palestinian FM accuses Israel of stealing documents on wall

2-3 - World court rejects Israeli demand to dismiss Egyptian judge

2-3 - Israele, Ha'aretz: Un successo vuoto However, with all due respect to the importance ascribed to the fence by Israeli security officials, deep inside Palestinian territory is not the proper place to put it.

2-2 - US likely to reject Israeli request to delay human rights report

2-1 - Israel wants U.S. report held until after Hague hearing "One of Israel's friends in Congress has also approached the State Department with a similar request, criticizing the report's negative slant on the fence and demanding that publication of the document be postponed by a few weeks." Will the government kowtow? It will be interesting to see if they do.

2-1 - A barrier that casts a long shadow Sixty percent of the land in Azoun-Atma is owned by inhabitants of the two nearby villages - Beit Amin and Saniriya. Now they are forbidden to get to their land.

2-1 - Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King would, no doubt, have approved. There were about 700 Palestinians on the other side of the fence who came to meet us, under the slogan 'Build Bridges', and we exchanged flowers across the fence. It was very moving.

2-1 - 33 countries object to ICJ ruling on West Bank barrier: Israel "The United States, Britain and Germany ask the Palestinians not to have recourse to violence, but when the Palestinians have recourse to diplomacy they slam the door on us," said Palestinian negotiations minister Saeb Erakat.

2-1 - Gov't advisor: ICJ hearing unlikely to be canceled

2-1 - The Jerusalem Stranglehold Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

1-31 - Palestinians Urge World Court to Rule on Barrier

1-31 - U.S. Stand on Wall Angers Palestinians

1-31 - Palestinians submit barrier case

1-30 - Israel: World Court Has No Right to Rule on Barrier

1-30 - World Court to Hear W. Bank Barrier Case

1-30 - White House Opposes Israeli Wall Inquiry

1-30 - International action needed to break Middle East cycle of violence The most striking impression left by the trip, said Mr Coghlan, was that of the barrier being built in the West Bank.

1-30 - Building a Wall, Breaking a Relationship

1-30 - Britain opposes international court review of security fence

1-28 - Israeli pacifists call on world court to stop West Bank barrier

1-26 - Court firm on Israel barrier case

1-25 - EU says Israel's security fence adds to aid costs

1-25 - Spanish FM: Israel’s Apartheid Wall is an Obstacle to Peace and Stability

1-23 - In Pictures: Building a barrier through Abu Dis The Erekats were told by the Israeli authorities that their land was being confiscated for "security reasons", making a legal challenge almost impossible.

1-23 - Israel fence is 'moveable' - Yeh, that's why they poured the concrete.

1-22 - Israeli FM lobbies Powell on West Bank barrier hearing Powell for his part said the United States was also opposed to the ICJ hearing, according to the Israeli statement.

1-21 - Qorei shows West Bank barrier to British parliamentary delegation

1-20 - Israel scrambles to defend fence

1-20 - On fence case at The Hague, U.S. likely will not back Israel

1-19 - Israel starts new extended "security fence" around West Bank settlement

1-19 - Israel barrier is slow death for Palestinian town

1-19 - Sharon warns Jordan of consequences of campaign against barrier

1-18 - Israel to Dispute Court's Right to Rule on Barrier

1-18 - Israelis Mull Change in Fence's Path

1-18 - Israel, wary of world court, mulls changing West Bank barrier

1-18 - Sharon postpones debate on route of West Bank barrier

1-16 - PR battle over Israel's controversial wall

1-16 - Archbishop's anger

1-15 - Bishops blast Israeli separation barrier

1-15 - Israel Presses White House To Reword Rights Report "The report is scheduled to be released in March, the same time that the International Court of Justice is expected to take up the Israeli fence issue. Aides to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon are worried that a negative citation in the report will weaken Israel's case at the Hague, according to Israeli diplomats and pro-Israel activists in Washington-who also are increasingly concerned that any mention will be used as ammunition against Jerusalem in front of the court."

1-14 - US envoy says Israeli barrier blocks peace talks with Palestinians

1-14 - Israel to tell ICJ West Bank barrier needed to "save" Jewish state - then you shouldn't build it such that it confiscates thousands of acres of your neighbors' property.

1-12 - New Wall in Jerusalem May Be Permanent

1-12 - Israel Building Wall in Jerusalem Suburb

1-11 - U.S. shares Israel's concerns about Hague fence talks - Will we now help Israel break international law at the ICC, in addition to doing so at the customary venue - the UN?

1-11 - Palestinian PM Urges Pressure on Israel

1-7 - U.S. human rights report set to slam separation fence - "balance"? That the report should be "balanced" (read staunchly pro-Israel, as always) means more to Israel than the human rights aspect.

1-7 - Danish FM: Security fence only along pre-67 border

1-6 - Israel faces 'barrier boycott'

1-5 - Hague court may brand Israel as 'new South Africa'

1-4 - Justice Minister Wants Israeli Barrier Re-Routed

1-4 - Israel faces South African-style boycott over barrier: minister

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